Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Looovinnnnggg Wednesday

So once again I'm participating in this kind of love's What I'm Loving Wednesday.  So fun!

(Seriously-it's should link up too!)

So on this Wednesday I am loving...

*The shoes I wore to work today.  They don't go with all that much, but they looked perfect with my black and creme outfit today. *

*My newest Pandora station...Feist Radio! Not only can the girl sing and look gorgeous (see below) but there's been a great variety with even some French songs popping in.*

*My plans for this Friday are looking lovely.  Aaron and I are planning on grilling and BBQing some chicken, making some of that shape mac&cheese that is partly disgusting but mostly just delicious, corn-on-the-cob, and cornbread. Yum!*

*It's already Wednesday...and it's after work, which really means it's now practically Thursday.  Anyone else want to start every week on a Tuesday?!  Anyone...?*

*This lovely sweater I bought from Ruche last week.  I spent wayyyy more on it than I should have HOWEVER it's ok because my mom told me I should.  She literally told me that I needed it.  And who says no to their mom telling them to buy something?! Not this girl.*

*I'm loving this past Monday's 4th of July Celebration Festivities!  A and I went to the York Fairgrounds concert and fireworks. It was so special and summery and sweet.  I've never had a fun 4th like this before. We also stopped and got ice cream at a diner afterwards. He's just the sweetest thing I could have ever asked for so really, I'm loving him!*

 The stage before the concert-it was a great venue!
 Me and my sweet guy.
 There are some people who take patriotic to a whole new level.
 Staked out by A's Jeep ready for the fireworks. Blanket and barefeet included!
Gorgeous fireworks.  Ahhh, I love summer.

Thanks for reading y'all.  Hope you've found lots to love today! 


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