Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Thursday (Cue the Sigh of Relief!)

So I totally missed the boat yesterday on This Kind of Love's "What I'm Loving Wednesday."  But it's one of my favorite things to write about so I'm going to do it anyway...but in more of a list form.

1. I'm loving the two new shirts I got at NY & Co with my mama on Saturday.  Naturally she insisted on paying and natrually I didn't argue.

I wore this one Monday to work with khaki crops and brown flats.  Unfortunately I can't find the other one on their site. But I'm wearing it today and it's a gorgeous berry color with two gauzy rosettes on the shoulder.

2. I am loving that I'm getting a pedicure with my roomate Sarah tonight.  It is necessary because...

3. I am loving that tomorrow I get to go to the beach with my sweet guy! Picture lots of this happening:

4. Goes along with numero 3-to go on said trip, I bought a new bathing suit. A BIKINI! for the first time in my whole life because I'm finally small enough to not look like a beached whale. (Shrieks from excitement!)

5. I'm loving that Old Navy now sells jewelry. And it's fabulous. And cheap. So you can buy a lot.

(And apparently I'm loving a lot of things fashion related this week. Sorry if that's un-appealing.)

So to go into a tad more detail about the beach trip (aka paradise!) here you go.

My sweet guy naturally comes from a sweet family.  He has two older brothers and as an only child, I love spending time with them too.  His oldest brother Andy lives in Virginia, in a lovely community, ONE BLOCK from the beach!  One block. And the greatest part-he's letting us crash his life for the weekend to come and play at the beach.  So tomorrow A & I will road trip 5 hours down to see Andy and get our beach on.  We'll be there until Sunday night and we couldnt be more excited.  It's all I've thought about for 2 weeks and we've been talking about it non-stop. I'm getting my pedicure tonight then packing!  Can't wait!

I'll be sure to post pictures when we're back.  But it's our first "trip"  (more like a trip-lette) together so it's bound to be an adventure.

Any beach trips on your horizons my dears?

Love from me to you.

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