Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Not So Single Summer

So I have a confession to make....
I have NEVER been in a relationship during the summer.  Until this year of course. 
I've also never had the typical "summer" fun.  Until this year.

Something about being in a relationship AND not living at home AND actually having a job that is on a normal schedule has allowed me to actually have a summer.  And I'm overjoyed. 

Summer highlights so far...
-Disney World vacation with my mom
-Ice cream...and lots of it!
-Biking & hiking around York
-Church picnic at the local winery
-Sitting on the dock of a lake (while eating ice cream)

Summer fun to come...
-Carnival! (This weekend)
-Beach weekend to OCMD with the boy
-Visiting a local farm
-Fireworks on 4th of July
-More ice cream for sure

I'm sure that many other things will happen this summer and I am so very excited. Here's to summer.

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