Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update Time

So because the lovely Ally asked, and who I am to deprive her of answers.

The going-alone-to-a-new-church-just-for-kicks thing this morning was INCREDIBLE.  Yup, with caps and all. 

It is truly one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot.)  The people were welcoming and kind without being all up in my grill.  The pastor came over to me during the Passing of the Peace to welcome me. 

It turns out that the Pastor is a graduate of the seminary where I work (LTS for all those who know it!) and he has an LTS seminarian in residence as well.  What a connection!  The organist was an amazing musician and hearing an organ used to its full potential was really surprising and refreshing.  It was great to worship in a style I'm used to with some modern upgrades from my own home church. (Note: with the new pastor at my home church, I am incredibly happy with my church there.  However, 2 hours is a long commute for church every Sunday.) The message was exactly what I needed to hear and was relatable, yet challenging.  The church is an O&A (I know-it's too good to be true!) which is just another reason why I really like it.

After the service people greeted me and it really just shocked me how much I felt like I belong in this congregation.  I spoke a little with the pastor after the service and feel very encouraged by this whole experience.

Next week, I'm going back.  Talk about God moving me to this random church on a random Sunday.  Yeah, this is definitely a God thing. 

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  1. huzzah!! :) So thrilled to hear about this experience.