Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Vague but a LOT of Possibility

4. Have a relationship (the real hardcore kind) with God.

That's a pretty open-ended kind of goal if you ask me.  I mean yes, I did write it that way, but still-talk about leaving it up for interpretation. 

I'd definitely say that college has brought me closer to God in some ways, placing me in fellowship with some really wonderful believers and getting a chance to worship differently than I do at home. 

But of course, like any other stress-loving college student person on this planet, finding time to be with God or do step out of my comfort zone of religion is challenging.

I am taking a U.S. Religions course this semester. 
That ought to be interesting.

But today, I'm taking this whole loving God thing in a different direction.
I am going to a church where I don't know anyone, by myself, just because I want to.
There-I said it. 

I've been to churches before (read: 3 weeks ago) where I don't know anyone, but that was because I was asked to preach there. Different. story. entirely. Today I'm feeling some disconnect with the church group that I usually worship with on campus.  (Not to mention that there's a lunch after church and I need to just come home and work and not be ostracized for leaving before the food.) So with the help of my friend Google, I looked up UCC churches in the area, stumbled onto one that I found to be a friendly church, looked at their worship for this Sunday, and get this: It's RACIAL JUSTICE SUNDAY! 

Hello-something about passionate about in a church I've never been to.  This screams perfect fit. (And that little guy is just precious if you ask me.)

So yeah, I'm about to put on my Sunday best and venture downtown and check out a church. It feels a little weird, but I feel like it's something good to do.

Blessings for the week!

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  1. Please let me know how this went for you. <3 If you're comfortable with sharing.