Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Stragglers...and some Results!

So I knew of at least one more resolution goal that I wanted to add to the list in the moments I was writing it.  But I forgot.  And since then, I have come up with a few more.

14. Put down the technology when I can.  (I am sick of feeling like I have to have my computer on at all times and my phone has become a means of almost nothing but text communication). This means less computer before bed, when there's not homework to do of course, and finding other ways to communicate.  like writing letters and calling people. 

15. Branch out in the cooking-dinner-at-college menu.  I have a fabulous Farmer's Market-I need to tap its potential.


Before I go into my progress on goal numero uno, I would officially like to declare my disdain (yup, it's that strong!) for winter.  As of right now, it's my first day of class and we have a 2 hour delay.  Which basically means that my plans to go to Market to get a bunch of food today is scrapped because it's just bad enough to not want to drive downtown but fine to get me to work. Snow is no longer fun when you're not a child and get can to play in it all day.

Ok so progress...

1. Going to the gym has thus far been a very big success.  Right before the New Year (aka Dec. 31) my mom and I signed up for Planet Fitness memberships.

Yup, that's right. I work out at in a judgment free zone.  I actually really like their whole concept of it being a gym for the average everyday person.  Now that I'm back at school it's going to be a bigger challenge to fit it into my schedule, but I have to.  Not to mention that I have to figure out how to transfer my membership because technically you have to be a member for three months. 

But so far my best three days at the gym include:
a. 15 miles on the bike in an hour
b. 8 miles on the bike and weights
c. 12 miles on the bike

As you can see, I really enjoy the bike.  It seems that my distance goes fast and it doesn't feel nearly as boring as the treadmill does to me. I do the basic weight machines, none of that fancy free weight stuff for me (yet.) 

And in case you haven't seen any of PF's fabulous commericials, here you go.  It's worth the watch.


Alright-well the clock is ticking and I need to get my (toned) behind into gear to go to school.  First day of school, first day of school. (Yes, I just pulled out a Disney movie reference.)


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  1. 1. Have you seen Dodge Ball, the movie? The way you described your gym reminds me of Average Joes.
    2. I, too, like the bike.
    3. I pull that Disney reference literally every time.