Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drumroll Please....

Here they are.  My goals for 2011.  As a disclaimer, I may or may not add more to the list as the year goes on and as I realize other things that I may want for my life.  But for now, here's the list, as I wrote it a few days before New Years.

1. Set healthy eating & exercise habits and STICK TO THEM!
2. Savor moments, people, food, and drink.
3. Create a list of post-grad possible options.  (Part 2: Pray about them.)
4. Have a relationship (the real hardcore kind) with God.
5. Learn something completely new that I know nothing about. (This could be hard!)
6. Go abroad.
7. Another hard one-turn jealous thoughts into prayers of blessings.  Or at least kinder thoughts.
8. Reconnect with at least 3 people.
9. Form a new relationship with at least 3 people.
10. Do something completely crazy.  In fact multiple somethings. 
11. Perform random acts of kindness when possible. 
12. Worry less.
13. Let go.

There they are.  Here's to sticking to them, keeping them alive, and making it all work out!

1 comment:

  1. I am so confident in your ability to make these things a reality in your life. I am also confident in your ability to pick yourself back up (or let others pick you up) if things don't always go as planned.
    Love you.