Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little snow here and a little snow there

Snow is not my friend.  This title is very, very true of my life.  When I was little, I enjoyed snow days mostly because it meant I could gain a few precious hours of sleep.  I never really enjoyed playing in the snow because I would get a. wet, b. cold, and c. sniffly.  So really, snow days were mostly just better sleep days. 

Now that I'm in college, snow days and delays don't really do much for my life.  If I want more sleep-I schedule my classes and work for later hours in the morning. And really-even with 8am starts, I'm still not up as early as my high school years. 

And this year in particular, I am a huge hater of the white fluffy stuff because I now have a car that I must unearth from the mountain shovel at ridiculous hours in the day. However, all of this complaining aside (what-a girl can't whine for a little about the crap outside?!), the snow removal allowed for accomplishing one of my goals.

(insert cheesy grin)

So after my roomates and I cleared out our cars...which looked like this after an hour...
I decided, since there were only two shovels, both of which my roomates were using, to clear off the car next to Sarah's Element (so to the left of the above car).  I realized that if someone ever uncovers my car for me, especially on a morning when I'm running late (read: every morning) that I would be SO grateful.  So I cleared off his car.  And it was actually the easiest one to clean, probably because it was out of love and not necessity.  Haha-I mean that's what the optimist in me would like to think.

And even though I looked like this when we were done...
...I felt good about helping out a stranger.

And you know-this morning when I was trying to get to school-I saw him pull out of his spot, park behind me (aka blocking me in) and get out and help shovel someone else out. That's what I call paying it forward.  That was exactly the point.  I'm a big believer in doing for others what others do for you. 

So my challenge for everyone is to get out there and perform some random act of kindness.  Leave a lovely message on someones car. Put a credit at the library for whoever needs to pay for a loan the next time. Leave your waitress a really great tip! Leave a baked good for a neighbor you don't know.

It's easy. Small acts of kindness can brighten this world.

Lots and lots of love.

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