Monday, December 31, 2012

Festivus Gift Exchange Big Reveal

Oh you lovely people-I am sorry that I've been MIA lately.  I'm a terrible blogger when I'm busy.  I still keep up with what you all are doing but I just can't seem to get a post written.  With Christmas, church obligations and just getting to spend some much needed time with my family, I only brought my iPad home for the holidays so I couldn't post a good one while I was away.  Eh-there's always next year right?!
Anyway, before Christmas, I knew I wanted to get in on the action of a blogger gift swap.  I love Christmas. Aaron laughs at me because I want to fit every single moment of December with Christmas lights, movies, food, and anything that boasts some holiday fun! Of course, December also becomes such a crazy time that a lot of that sadly gets booted for other things.  Well I found a great swap hosted by Allie & Melissa.  What I loved about this exchange was that in addition to sending & receiving a package, you had to participate in some kind of charitable activity. I love the idea of giving double for this. 
I was paired with the sweet Megan.  I had a great time shopping for her and got her some Christmasy items (a snowflake picture frame, Christmas napkins, a monogrammed ornament) as well as some "officey" items (a weekly wrip-off planner, notecards, an M keychain) and some other little items. 
I was so excited when my box arrived! Melissa {one of the swap hosts} had me and she spoiled me rotten with so many goodies! Here's the contents of my box!

{An adorable neon leopard print cosmetic bag...}
 {...filled with blue leopard print nail tools & awesome sparkly purple polish...}

{...and blue & purple leopard print knee high socks!}
 {Purple handwarmers from Melissa's etsy shop}
 {Pumpkin spice coffee}

{The cutest little purple planner for 2013}
 {The lovliest green & grey scarf-it totally matches both of my winter coats-not sure how she managed to do that!}
{Cheez-its-this will be at work for when I get the munchies!}
{The cutest little crafted card}
It was like the jackpot of boxes.  Thanks Melissa-I love everything!
As for my "charitable" act, this Thursday, my church is the host for the women's winter shelter held at the YMCA in town.  I will be volunteering to register the women that come in for the shelter on Thursday.  It's definitely a little out of my comfort zone but I think it's a wonderful thing to provide someone with a place to sleep that's safe & warm.  I also participated in a giving tree project that my work hosted.  I picked a name off of a tree and provided the gift for that child.  I bought a really warm & snuggly sweatshirt for a teenage boy. It warms my heart to do acts of kindness-big or small- and it is something I am vowing to do more of in 2013. 
Lots of love to you all at the end of 2012. I'll be back at some point with a recap of 2012 and what I'm looking for in 2013!

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