Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Days 8-10 Oops

Okay so I'm a tad behind on the 15 day challenge.  Sorry.  I went home this weekend to run the Color Run Philadelphia and I didn't bring my laptop.  So forgive me, but I'll be catching up on three today!

Day 8- Tell us the "good, bad, & ugly" about yourself.

The good- I think that I am very thoughtful.  I can often pick up on cues of what people need without them saying it directly.  I respond with cards, notes, agreeing to go to lunch, paying for a meal.
I am a great public speaker.  And usually enjoy it.
As an introvert, I'm a great listener.  Because I have to think about things before I can respond.

The bad- I think I'm kind of a bad driver. I like to go fast, not for a rush, but because I hate being in the car and always want to just be at my destination. I've never gotten a ticket (knock on wood) because I'm not like speed racer, but I just don't always abide by the 25 and 35 speed limits.
I tend to bottle up my emotions. I don't talk about what's bothering me usually.  That goes back to being an introvert.  But it also means I meltdown when it gets to be too much.

The ugly- I am a whiner. And a cry baby sometimes. Especially when plans change.  As a planner, I NEED to have my plans set and when they change, I freak out. Even if it's for something dumb.  That being said, I (being an introvert-wow apparently that's my underlying driving force) also tend to change plans on other people because I hate giving up me time.  So I move things to suit my internal needs.  Even though I hate when others do it to me.  Yeah, judge all ya want.

Day 9- Describe the best day of your life!
This was a hard one because I'm generally a happy person who has really good days. And as an only child, I have gotten to do some pretty amazing things because my parents could afford the time and money.  That being said, I think that the best day recently (because I'm sure there were great childhood days that I just don't fully remember) was May 12, 2012.  Why?

Because I graduated from college.

And I thought all morning about how blessed I've been through my four years at Millersville.  And how proud I was of myself. That's huge for me.  The pride I felt for all that I'd done in four years was matched by my family and dearest friends.  It was wonderful to have my parents, Aaron, his parents, and my Kindergarten/First Grade teacher waving at me in the stands!

After the whole event, I drove to my apartment with everyone following and I cried. With such joy at my life. I got to show my dear ones my new apartment and have them gush at how lucky I was to have found this little gem in the city. 

Then we went to one of my favorite restaurants and had an amazing meal and talked and laughed. It was perfect.  Everyone left, I came back to my apartment, packed my duffel bag to head home for Disney World, and went to my childhood home to find graduation presents (a new iPad!) waiting for me. 

Day 10- Tell us your most embarassing moment.
I like to think that I'm fairly easy going. I get embarassed then laugh it off. I can think of two very minor things that at the time didn't embarass me but looking back, I think they are mortifying.

1. In elementary school, in grades 4-6, you could try out for the school spelling bee.  In fourth grade, I got in, but didn't win the bee.  In 5th grade, I was supposed to be in it according to my spelling test, however, the student teacher and incorrectly graded it. I came forward about it (because I was totally a teacher's pet) and admitted that I hadnt gotten that score. Turns out this kid (Justin was his name) was technically the rightful recipient of the spelling bee spot.  He had his choice to take it or I would be allowed to do it if not. He chose to take the spot and do the bee.  So the day of the big event came, and I was there in the audience.  I was doing ok until he got out ON THE FIRST WORD! I was so upset that he had completely sucked that I started bawling and ran to the bathroom.  One of the 5th grade teachers ran after me and I sobbed about how it wasn't fair. Mortifying now that I look back and realize how stupid I looked. 

But the next year, I qualified and WON the bee! I went on to our regional bee and came in 8th out of 64 kids. I'm still proud of that to this day.  And I still am the person people go to with spelling questions.

2. In junior year of high school, I didn't have a date for Junior Prom.  I had looked and looked and everyone was taken or wouldn't go with me. There was this guy named Pat who I thought was adorable.  He played hockey and was a little shy but I was determined to ask him to prom.  Well I called his house (oh the days before everyone had a cell phone!) and asked him and he told me sorry but he wasn't going to prom.  He had other plans that night.  I was bummed but dealt with the let down.  And then, the night of prom, he showed up as another girl's date. A pretty, popular girl.  I was so embarassed but mostly just hurt that he lied.  Yup-never spoke to him after that night. 

So there ya go, a window into my soul.
Can't wait to read what y'all wrote!


  1. Damn Pat. Jerk doesn't even know what he missed out on.

    YAY for the Color Run!

  2. We have all the same "uglies" so I'm definitely not judging. Cry/plan/freak out all you want, girl!
    And I'm doing the Color Run in a week and a half! Soooo excited.