Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 11-Ch-ch-ch-changes

Today's prompt is a great one, helping us bloggers to focus on the positives and the things we love most about ourselves. 

Day 11- What is one thing you'd never change about yourself?

Overall, I'm pretty happy with myself.  Do I love my stomach/thighs- not so much.  But I have appreciation for who I am and what my personality is like. 

I wouldn't change my organizational skills. I love being organized and having people see that about me. I love when someone tells me that a group/organization/job couldn't have been done without my skills.  It is something I am so proud of. 

Physically, I love my collarbone.  I know, y'all are like "who loves a collarbone-it's a bone." But have you ever worn a v-neck shirt and shrugged a little and your collarbone pops out a little. Hello hot mama. I think it's just pretty darn sexy. (Sorry if that's not PG enough for the blog, but we're talking about the good stuff today.)

{You can see it peeking out in this picture.}

I also would never change my decision to come to Millersville.  Yes, I've graduated without a clear path ahead, but I know 100% that I was meant to go to school here, to work here, and to meet my best friends here.


  1. I loved this challenge, too! So nice to focus on the positive aspects of yourself for once. And I would have never picked my collarbone, but I think it was a really good, unique choice :)

  2. Haha love the part about your collarbone. It's such a funny part of the body to love, but I'm with you. When I'm in the thinner parts of the weight fluctuation I'm always battling, I can tell I'm losing weight because my collarbone pops out! :)

  3. I love the part about your collarbone as well! I know exactly how you feel. I often find myself shrugging my shoulders because I love the look of your collarbone popping out. And I agree with Abbey, whenever I lose weight I see it in my collarbone before anything else!

  4. HAHAHA! Love what you said about your collar bone. The funny thing about that is I've thought the same thing about myself and will buy clothes that accent my collar bone! pahahahaha Too funny!

  5. I've never really noticed my collarbone but now that you said something about yours, I see what you are talking about when I just looked in the mirror! haha. And organization is a great quality too!!