Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Day Challenge...

...aka the challenge to see if Alyssa can blog for 15 days straight.  Zoinks.  This is truly going to be a challenge for me.  But here goes!  If you want to join, link up with Sar! 

The question of the day- list 15 facts about yourself. 

1- I am totally in love with organization. I organize and reorganize things multiple times. For. Fun. I enjoy cleaning and sorting and filing.  Yes, I know some of you are clicking the close button.  But seriously, it is wonderful.  I would love to be a professional organizer for other people but I don't really know how to go about doing that. 

2- I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  And I just graduated from college.  It scares me every day.  

3- I love my apartment. I seriously do not want to move for a very long time because I am just that much in love with my teeny tiny space. Granted, it's very small and one day, I will want more space. And a dishwasher. And a washer & dryer. And central air.  But for now, I'm learning to make fewer dishes, taking full advantage of gracious friends & parents who allow me to mooch on their laundry facilities, and thanking God for window air conditioners and friends who give them to you for free.  

4- I have baby fever. Like reaaall bad.  A baby is a mile down the life path for me, but I sure do love babies and holding them.  It's the reason I volunteer in the church nursery so much. 

5- I sleep with several stuffed animals every night.  And the collection keeps growing.  I have my snowman that I've had since my 6th birthday.  But actually it's my second one because the first one is so beat up, that when I went to college, my mom bought me a new one because the older one couldn't handle the travelling back and forth.  So I sleep with the newer one in my apartment and the older one when I go home.  I also sleep with Duffy the Disney bear that I got in Disney in May 2011 and most recently, I have added graduation Mickey from this past trip to Disney.  I also have several others who I rotate in including a bear, a dog, and a duck.  Judge me all you want.  But I don't sleep well without them. 

6- I'm running my first 5K on Sunday. And I'm probably going to throw up from being nervous.  It's a Color Run so I think it'll be a total blast and the course ends at the Art Museum in Philadelphia where Rocky ran up the steps, so it'll be seriously cool.  But I'll probably die of heat exhaustion and running exhaustion.  Wish me luck. 

7- Aaron and I met through  He winked at me.  I winked back.  He messaged me.  I messaged back. Eventually we texted.  And eventually we met.  4 days after our first day, we officially became a couple & have been together for over a year.  Funny how things work out. 

8- I'm making two apple pies this week for a Fourth of July picnic.  Too bad I forgot the second set of pie crusts at the grocery store today.  I'll be making a second trip this week. But mostly, I'm excited for pie.

9- I hate when people ask get to know you questions of me and the first one they ask is "what do you do for fun?" I hate it because I don't have an answer to it.  I work 8 hours a day and then go home.  I veg on my couch or bed and watch tv, blog, and read.  For fun, I like to hang out with my boyfriend or hang out by myself.  Sadly, that's my answer.  But I usually just say I don't know. 

10- I went to Africa in the summer of 2008.  And that trip changed my life. I truly hope that I will be able to go back some day and visit that land and the people who I have come to love. 

11- It was on said Africa trip that I learned that I do a mean impersonation of an ostrich.  There is one video that exists of it and occasionally I reenact the greatness.  It makes people laugh which I love. 

12- I love shopping at my local farmers market.  I have my favorite stands and have relationships with some of the standholders.  I love it even more now that I can walk there from my apartment, with my market basket slung over my arm.  Yesterday, the old market manager was watching the celery man's stand.  He gave me a pack of celery for free when I bought my first pack.  I love moments like that. 

13- I get regular pedicures (every 3 weeks about).  It's one thing that for $25 makes me feel beautiful and pampered and fresh for weeks.  I just got my toes done today and I got cherry red for July 4th.  

14- My favorite magazine is Martha Stewart Living.  I LOVE when the newest issue comes out and I spot it in the checkout line at the grocery store. Dink- that is the sound of it hitting the conveyor belt. 

15- You wouldn't think that fifteen is a lot of things to write about, but sheesh I was struggling by the end.  



  1. Awesome on the 5k. Sounds like a blast I only dream of doing stuff like that but of course comes the part of finding someone to do something like that with.

  2. I love that y'all met online. So cute.

    Also, you will loooooove the Color Run! Work it, sister! Also, wear a shirt you won't care if it gets ruined. Trust me.


  3. Cute blog. Love that y'all met on Match! I love coffee too. My husband makes the BEST coffee - he does it the old fashioned way, in a drip pot on the stove & it is amazing!

    I am with you on Farmer's Markets & pedicures! :)

  4. I sleep with a stuffed pig and my baby blanket so no shame!! :)

    I love Farmer's Markets!! :)

    Pedicures = once a month and my favorite thing. Even though I laugh when they rub the stone on my feet bc I am so ticklish. :) haha.