Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 06.07.12

Hello friends!  So the new blog title, header, button, and URL are in place! A Latte Love is here to stay. <3 So tell your friends, grab my button, share the latte love! Oh and link up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts.

I LOVE my new blog feel.  It's so much more like me.  And I am just real darn excited about it. I hope you are too.

I was craving a soft pretzel all day since the ladies at work kept talking about them.  So as an afternoon snack, I ran to one of the little shops on campus and they made one fresh for me.  I then split it with my favorite work friend Donna.  Because let's be real, I'm still avoiding dairy, gluten, and sugar.  And somehow I don't think a whole (or half) pretzel fits into that.  But hey, at least it wasn't as bad.  And it was worth every bite, might I add.

This weekend Aaron and I are going to do a bunch of outdoorsy stuff and I am PUMPED.  I mean you'd think I hadn't been outside at all this week.  Oh yeah, I do sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and then pretty much crash on my couch for the evening. So I guess I need to be outside.  In the air.  Ahhh. 

This whole graduation thing still shocks me sometimes.  It shocks me but it also causes me to be a complete sap about 98% of things related to graduation.  I visited with dear friends of mine from church yesterday and they gave me a children's book (since I collect them) called Courage, which is all about the different kinds of courage that exists in the world.  It's a lovely book, but the note that J wrote on the inside made me tear up.  It was just so kind and sweet and I can't believe I have such wonderful people in my life cheering me on. 

I've been terrible at making meals for the past two weeks.  Still not adjusted to my new schedule and meetings/not feeling well this week has led to some ridiculous meal options.  Unfortunately, it also means that some of my fresh veggies have gone bad.  Oops.  Guess I have 2.5 months to figure it out.

I get to see my guy tonight.  He had a bad week.  I had a weird week.  We are excited to just have a normal weekend.

Ok, that is all. Lots of rambling. Not much that matters. Thanks for sticking with me this far (if you have).


  1. I'm definitely diggin' your new look, it's really cute. Hope you & your fella have a good time tonight :)

    Stopping by from Sar's blog.

  2. I think you owe me an email?