Monday, June 11, 2012

Dear Monday 06.11.12

It's Monday again.  And boy, what a Monday it has been.  But I also really love linking up with Megan! 

Dear Monday
You were rough. But you're almost done.  Amen. 

Dear Blender
You were the deal of the century- $23.84 with markdowns and a coupon.  And I was so excited when I put my fruit & juice in you, but then you didn't work.  At all.  And then, in trying to fix the situation, I spilled everything.  On the floor. Ew. 

Dear New Earrings
You were FREE tonight because I bought two pairs for my Earring Swap Buddy (check out Amanda's blog for details-you only have until June 15th!).  But yes, you lovely earrings are summery and gorgeous and were Fa-to the- Ree!  

Dear Bunheads
I am 12 minutes into your pilot episode and I already love you.  I'm not sure if it was the immediate reference to boobs or the comment about living next to a hooker, but you're funny and charming.  And what girl hasn't always wanted to be a ballerina?! {Personally, when I read the little lovebirds and she talks about being a ballerina, I swoon}

Dear Weekend
You were perfect. Pictures for tomorrow. <3 

Dear Posts I have to Write about Moving, Graduation, and Disney
Sorry I'm taking two years to post about you.  I have a lot going on.  But you'll get your moment in the spotlight. 

Dear Love
Thanks for suggesting that we pick berries Saturday morning.  And then agreeing to the driving range and mini-golf Saturday night.  Glad we share the same vision of summer bliss. 

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