Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Monday (Before my Birthday!!)

What other reason would I be posting today but for my favorite link-up- DEAR MONDAY!

Dear Monday
After a fast and full and freaking awesome (see what I did there) weekend, you came. And kind of wrecked it. Thanks so much for that.

Dear AMT Christmas Show
You were the bomb. Like for real. Better than Radio City (and yes, I know I'm getting some hateful glares at the computer screen). But seriously, you made me cry from the festive spirit you put into the show.  The costumes were to die for and the sets were magical. Loved that Mom and I were sitting front row corner for all the action. SO MERRY!

Dear Mama Pajama
Thanks for the most awesomest birthday weekend. I mean nothing will ever really beat last year when you surprised me and flew me to Texas.  BUT- this was darn tooting close, especially give the Christmas feel to the whole weekend. Love you.

Dear Christmas Pandora Shuffle
You are making work so much better.

Dear 10-Page Paper
You are the bane of my existence because you're the last one I have to write. And you are so stinking lame. You're close to being done but noooo, can't be easy.

Dear Roomates
Thanks for watching Alley Cats Strike and making loads of snacks for my birthday night in pjs on Saturday.  Seriously-it was perfect.

Dear Lover Boy
You put up with so much from me.  I promise once this semester is over, I'll be back to the nice girlfriend you knew this summer.  Also-I can't wait for my birthday tomorrow with you. I know you have something up your sleeve.  You're the best.  Also-can't wait for your Christmas party.

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