Monday, November 7, 2011

A Hiatus and A Link Up

Sorry for the uber long (aka a week) hiatus from the ole blog.  I've been busy.  I'm a senior in college-things have started to go zooming by and I'm trying to keep up.  But this morning I'm linking up to my favorite! link up Dear Monday!  Go, click away!

Dear Monday
You started quite early this morning. Like 25 minutes ago early.  Which usually I would complain about, but I won't because I'm not sleepy.  You got here a bit too early for my liking this week BUT the week ahead is not going to kill me I don't believe.  So here's to you Monday-I'll give you a manly head nod for being a decent one.

Dear Mama Pajama
Thanks for coming and spending Saturday with me.  I needed some time with you since usually we're so busy at home to enjoy anything.  I loved that you took pics of me at school because it's my last year.  Where'd that time go?!  But I really loved getting a jump on some Christmas shopping at the mall! Love you!

Dear First Friday
You were pretty darn fun and a little weird thrown in there too.  Thanks for giving A&I the opportunity to see a concert in an art gallery.  The concert was pretty much weird but cool and a little hippie but it was a great thing to say we've done.  Also, thanks for the chips and salsa and the burrito.  You did well this month.

Dear Wednesday Presentation
You're kind of just annoying. You don't really light a fire under my butt because you're kind of boring.  But I shall liven you up and hopefully go to town on Wednesday.  Just try and stop me.

Dear Starbucks
Thanks for the Christmas cups-it puts me in the holiday spirit!

Dear Boyfriend
We've had a really great weekend! I needed it after last week's pandemonium. Friday in downtown was special and fun. Saturday's Chinese and Blue Collar Comedy was unexpected but totally a great lazy way to end my busy shopping day.  You always know what I need even when I don't.  That's why I'm going to keep you. <3

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  1. Love your little letters and the sweet one to the boy. They really can be quite perfect!