Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Monday

Hello all-no I'm not dead. Just a senior in college desperately trying to maintain my sanity. But it is a good day and I'm ready for a little link up with Megan.

Dear Monday
You begin a 2-day week. You're the best. Although you're gloomy and I had to take my car to get fixed at an early hour, I think you might be ok today. Better not prove me wrong.

Dear Midas
Hurry up and figure out why my check engine light is on in my car. Things to do, people to see, need a car. Thanks.

Dear Thanksgiving
You are one of my favorite holidays and you are almost here! I can't wait for your sweet Macy's parade, your yummy in my tummy foods and especially all the family you let me see. Can't wait.

Dear 25 Page Paper due Tomorrow
Guess what? All I need to do to you is revise. You doubted me. Don't doubt. I'm a beast.

Dear Roomates
I can't wait to decorate the house for Christmas. Seriously-it's our last one together, how'd that happen?

Dear Boyfriend
You were a superstar this weekend.  You made me so happy and ready to finish my paper. And then you were sweet when I wasn't feeling so good.  I loved watching Crazy, Stupid, Love with you and it made me cherish our relationship even more.  I'm so thankful for you <3

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  1. Holla if you need an editor! I love reading that weird? That's probably why I'm a graduate student and teacher. Ridiculous, I know. ;)

    Happy Monday! Just visiting from Dear Monday.

    -Sarah from [life of love]