Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holy Sigh of Relief and WILW

So you know when you are so worked up about something and then it finally is done?!  And you breathe that huge sigh of relief.  And there are choirs singing.  And possibly dances danced.

Yup-I'm there.  A cumulative midterm on OLD ENGLISH (emphasis on the old!) tonight, for my three hour class. It was a rough day of studying.  It was a 7 hour process with a Starbucks break and a break for a meeting that I had to go to.  Rough.

BUT IT'S DONE!  And it went well.  And I felt like I knew everything it covered.  Wa to the hoo! 

And thus, onto Wednesday up here.

I'm loving that my Old English Exam is over.  Haha. Duh.  I've been stressed about it all week and now it's done and I feel like my weekend is within sight.

I'm loving that this weekend is homecoming!  Yay!  Except it's supposed to snow-yup you read that right.  Hopefully it's just a joke especially since it's my senior year and I want to watch the awesome parade. 

I'm loving that I ran into my dear friend Addie at Starbucks today completely by surprise. I stopped in to recharge for more studying and she was there writing a paper.  It was such a great little moment.

I'm loving that my boyfriend thinks of the little things that will make me less stressed. Like making dinner last night so that I could commence with the studying.  So sweet. 

I'm loving Pinterest.  It seriously is the perfect distraction which you can do for as little or as long as you want.

I'm loving Aaron.  He's sweet as pumpkin pie.
I'm loving my family.  Got to spend time with them last weekend when we moved my grandparents into a retirement community. 
I'm loving my roomates.  They make me laugh. 

That is all.
Sorry for the lack of pictures. I'm beat.

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