Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Monday...

I really enjoyed playing along with The Happy Day Blog last week for Dear here we go again.

Dear Monday
Thank you for actually being sweet to me today.  Yes, it is about 40 degrees outside AND raining, BUT you provided a quick day at work and a break! Praises be. XO

Dear Barb
I feel bad that you are sick but I am so appreciative that you told all of us student workers to work from home.  It means I get one hour and 45 minutes of working  blogging bliss!

Dear Rain,
You stink. You're cold. You're messy. Be gone.

Dear Aaron's Parents
Thank you for going out to Cracker Barrel with Aaron and I yesterday morning. You are awesome and it was such a lovely Sunday!  Oh and thanks for paying. It makes it easier on your kid and your kid's girlfriend.

Dear Aaron
Thanks for thinking of the Apple Harvest Festival as a date. I loved it.  I loved that you bought me coffee mug earrings too.  You're too sweet.  Like my cream & sugar!  

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  1. Just stopping by from the Dear Monday link up and thought I’d say hello. I'm sure the rain and cold was quite the mess for you today but feel free to send it out my way in California -- I'm just dying for some cooler weather =)

  2. Thanks for linking up your cute little Monday letters! :) Your note to the rain tickled me. Be gone! haha :) And an Apple Harvest Festival sounds just like something I'd like to go to! FUN! Happy Monday!