Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I've Loving Wednesday-I'M BACK!

Yay lovely people-I'm in just a splendid mood and can't wait to share my loves for this week! 

So I'm linkety linking up with Jamie over on her blog.  So go-join the fun.

I'm loving that I started my crazy, busy day with my dear friend Adelaide at Starbucks for coffee and conversation.  She's the best and lovliest. And she blogs.

I'm loving that this weekend holds some lovely family party plans. More details once it happens!
Promise. :-)

I'm loving that I had a great meeting with my thesis/academic advisor yesterday and suddenly my thesis seems manageable and not terrifying.  Because I went it with a whole lot of crazy "this may take me down" comments.  He set me straight.  Well done professor!

I'm loving that I had to read The Sun Also Rises for my American Fiction class and actually loved it.  Once I got about 100 pages in.  Haha.  But seriously-if you haven't read it, you should.  But trust me-it's not a happy story.  But a good read.

I just heard my boss say in his Indian accent "I don't give a damn."  My life is complete.

I'm of course loving my sweet boyfriend (who's currently sick-boo).  We went for ice cream last night. I had the most divine mint chocolate chip ever.

And for those of you who read yesterday's post-yes, this is the same picture.  But I love it. And him. So it gets a second go!

So whatcha loving lovlies?

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