Monday, August 22, 2011

Le Sigh

This week is feeling a bit bittersweet for me.  You see, it's my last week working full-time at my job.  Granted, I work in this office during the school year.  But I'm sort of attached to my desk and my system of organization.  And when two other students share it with me-it will no longer be my baby territory.  So alas, the heavy sigh of my last week. 

That being said, I'm so! excited for fall.  For a few reasons...

1. It's my favorite season.  Hands. down.

2. I love high school/college football.  But mostly high school.  And a large part of my love is for the marching band.  Proud member for four years in high school...oh boy the nerd just came out.  But yeah-I'm excited for Friday night lights! 

3. I love school supplies and school and all that jazz.  I'm oodles upon oodles of excited to decide what binders and notebooks go to each class. YAY!

4. Today there's a breeze and a smell that make me know that fall is close by.  Oh and then I heard drums way off in the distance.  See number 2.  It was a great time to walk around campus. 

Are you loving that fall is approaching or dreading the end of the glorious summer?!

1 comment:

  1. i love school supplies too. Even though I am in college there is something exciting about stocking up on new notebooks, pens, etc. Fresh start!