Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Shall Call it Wonky

I have decided to call this day wonky for several reasons.  The first, that is how I have felt all day. I literally have felt groggy since I started work this morning.  It is now 4:16 (only 14 more minutes left until I can go home!!) and I still feel like I can barely keep my eyes open. 

For another reason, the weather has been odd today.  It wasn't bad this morning and now it's just overcast...kind of like the sun is feeling a bit tired today too.

Luckily, I get three days of vacation next Monday through Wednesday so I'm looking to recharge.  I wish I had a cord like my iPhone that could re-juice me when I get a little run-down. (Ooh re-juice, that sounds dirty.)

Also luckily and thankfully and mostly needed-Ashley and Addie are coming over tonight.  And we are going to partake in BaconFest 2011.  Yup-that's its official title.  Last year we had a day in the summer where we ordered bacon pizza AND bacon cheese fries.  For this year, we're going to just stick with the pizza to save ourselves some ill feelings later (Of the physical kind, though I'm sure some "I'm going to gain 30 lbs alone from this meal would likely ensue as well.) These girls are just what I need. There will probably be a chicky chick flick in our future as well as some delectable dessert (which I'll be getting on the way home.)

So wonky it is. But wonky is looking up. And now I only have 10 minutes until I can leave.

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