Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where Are All the Bugs in Lancaster County? (hint:i know.)

So in case anyone is wondering where all the bugs are in Lancaster County-I will tell you. 
They are in my house.

Yup...all of them. Haha-I mean that was mostly a joke.
But here's the run-down of yesterday's bug catastrophe:
-One spider in the bathroom...which I killed with the bottom of a trashcan
-One stink bug that flew around my head, disappeared, then reappeared. Sarah then proceeded to behead it. We lost his body momentarily, but quickly found it.
-One stinkbug in the living room
-One mosquito
-Becca had a spider in her car.

Today-I killed a spider in the kitchen and Sarah killed one on the living room window.

So Lancaster County-come get your bugs back because soon they will need to pay me rent.

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