Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking Great but Not Feeling Great

Happy title.
A tiny bit less happy post. 

I'll start with the lesser fun. I have been a bad gym-goer.  Like really bad.  Example:
First week of March-Week before Spring Break...aka Hell Week.  Everything is due, everything is planned, everything is happening.  Thus, I get to the gym one day. Only one.
Week of Spring Break- Gym one day, run outside one day. That's it. And it was a break.  But I only could go to the gym when my friend with the guest pass was there. (And she liked to go at 5am...yikes.
This week-I see a week to get back on the horse.  And then I get sick.  Last Saturday.  And honestly, I couldn't breathe out of my nose when I was sitting on my couch, let alone if I tried to bike or run or move faster than air.

So next week, good health/lightened stress/less work is due week will allow me to go to the gym and I will!

On to the good, happy, photographic part of the week.  While being sick miserable this week, I managed to go to work and my roomate's internship event.  And I got to dress up.  Honestly, it made me feel better.  And thanks to Sarah at The Strength of Faith who started a great thing called Wear A Dress Tuesday, I did wear a dress and I did feel good about myself.  (You should try it.)

So hear are the pictures of my dressed up week.  The shoes in picture two are new.  And they are incredible.  And I am in love.  Another post on those babies soon.  What you can't see in this picture-my Rudolph nose from blowing my way through 2 boxes of tissues this week.  Enjoy.

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