Saturday, August 3, 2013

July's Cara Box

So the award to the worst blog poster ever would go to me. Since I never post. You know what though-I'm living it up this summer with friends, good food, a great job and lots going on. However, I did participate in the July Cara Box with Wifessionals!

The July theme was Set Sail! I am loving all things nautical right now so I absolutely had to join in for this box.  I was paired up with two Ashley's this month!  I sent a box to the sweet Ashley at Monograms and Margaritas. I had a blast shopping for her stuff while I was down in Ocean City in June.

I got the most amazing box from Ashley at Raising our Little Devil Pups. Here's what I got! Each package had a little note stuck on to give me a clue as to what was inside. All nautically themed of course!

 Such cute art right!!

Little did Ashley know that I LOVE fun plates and napkins.

What keeps me going! Coffee!

I LOVED this little pouch. I carry it in my purse now. It was such a cute idea to put travel sized stuff together for a perfect beach day.

I didn't know this existed. But I love regular battleship so I'm excited to play this!

Gorgeous colors. Can't wait to paint my nails with these!
Thank you SO much Ashley for sending me such a beautiful box of goodies.


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  1. That package looks like so much fun! It's wonderful to receive "real" things in the mail isn't it! I also love those nail colours. I recently bought a shimmering green polish for my toes, which seemed like an odd choice, but actually looks amazing! X Jane