Sunday, July 15, 2012

The End of the Challenge

So are we noticing a trend around the weekends where I neglect the 15 Day Challenge.  Sorry darlings, but my weekends have been crazy this summer.  Last weekend was the Color Run and today was preaching at my home church.  Which meant Saturday was driving, hanging out with my mom, watching Brave (new favorite Disney movie, hands down), and just enjoying family time.  I'm back and going to finish up the last two days and end out strong. 

Day 13- Discuss your favorites- of whatever you'd like! 
I'm going to just do a list of a bunch of things to keep it kind of simple.
Favorite Movie- The Proposal
Favorite Magazine- Martha Stewart Living 
Favorite Disney Park- Magic Kingdom...ok and Epcot. I can't pick.
Favorite Classic Disney Character- Mickey
Favorite Disney Character- Merida (I told you-Brave was SO good.)
Favorite Current Song- Some Nights by Fun
Favorite Food- Pizza
Favorite Local Restaurant- Rachel's Crepes or Annie Bailey's Pubs 
{If you ever come to Lancaster, call me up and we're going to one of these two places}
Favorite Color Combination- Purple, Teal, and Chartreuse
Favorite Poem- i carry your with heart with me by e.e. cummings
Favorite Ice Cream- Chocolate Marshmallow
Favorite Season- Fall
Favorite Candy- Hershey's Original Chocolate Bars
Favorite Summer Activity- Beach!! 

Day 14- If you were only allowed to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
I want to give a different answer than my favorite movie, although I totally could watch the hunky Ryan Reynolds all day, everyday. 

But I'm going to go with...
You've Got Mail.  
It just makes me feel happy and smiley and like I could curl up in my bed on a rainy day and be completely content.  I love me some Meg Ryan.  

And finally...
Day 15- What is the best compliment you've ever received?
I've lost a lot of weight during my college years. (Yes I know-I'm in the minority).  I was able to start over with my food choices, went to the gym and just had to walk everywhere.  Once I started eating gluten, sugar, and dairy free, I've lost even more.  Since I've always struggled with my weight, I am tickled when someone notices that I've lost some.  And one friend, who hadn't seen me in several months saw me in May.  She looked at me, then did a double take.  She didn't recognize who I was because I'd lost a lot of weight.  She was like, "You look amazing.  I didn't know it was you.  You look gorgeous."  It was so kind and I just appreciated that she was over the top excited for me. 

A huge thank you to Sar for hosting this shindig.  I've loved meeting so many new people.  I've gotten some new followers and found some new blogs to follow.  It's been a great time and I hope y'all will keep coming back to read. 


  1. Good for you for making such amazing and healthy choices! I am so bad at eating healthy... something I really need to work on!!!