Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 5 so High Five

I think y'all should give me a virtual high five for making it 1/3 of the way through the blogging 15 day challenge.  This is a big deal. I've blogged for 15 straight days in a row.  And loved every minute of it.  It's been fun getting to know some of you better!  And maybe there's been a little learning on your part too.

Day 5 Prompt- What five people would you want to have a meal with? 

Now these people can be any five people- family, friends, fictional, deceased. 

Here's my five.

1. Walt Disney
Hands down, Walt is my role model.  He believed in magic. He believed in imagination.  He believed in creativity and pushing the limits.  I think that these are truly brilliant things to live by.  I am sad that he never saw the completion of his dreams.  But boy, that would be a fun dinner!

2. Nelson Mandela
Ok so a second hands down, Mandela is another one of my role models.  Having been to South Africa, seen his house, learned his story, and seen the work that the country did because of him and still must do, Mandela is one of those amazing people who I am pretty sure just looking at would make you wiser and more blessed person.  I have always wished that I could meet him, but I feel that he is getting older and older and that day will likely never come.

3. J.K. Rowling
She wrote the greatest collection of stories. How would that NOT be a great conversation over the dinner table?

4. Kate Middleton
She's gorgeous and regal and just downright interesting.  I totally saw this one (and the Rowling one) on another blogger's site and was immedately like YES! I would totally want them at my table. Not to mention, I'd ask her what it's like to kiss Prince Hunky Dunky.  Because what girl hasn't dreamed of that?!

5. My Mama
Because if these four were at the dinner table, my mom would be the most excited person besides me to meet them, specifically number 1 and number 4. So I'd want her to share in it with me.

So with all of these people, here's what I'd wear:

Mickey Ears for Walt

An Ubuntu Shirt- Ubuntu is a South African philosophy coined by Desmond Tutu. It means (as simply as it can) "I am because you are."

Kate Middleton's famous pumps

And a lightning bolt temporary tattoo on my forehead.

Wouldn't that be a rocking party?


  1. I love that you have an outfit for this dinner. SO DARN CUTE, Alyssa!

  2. Ahhh I wish I had thought of Kate Middleton! Love her.

  3. I love your choices! I have Albus Dumbledore on my list :) And Kate Middleton is gorgeous, and I love her shoes!

  4. I love your choices. :).

    I would come interupt your dinner party!! Haha

  5. I agree- I would crash your dinner as well!

  6. A meal with J.K. now that would be great! Your outfit is hilarious!

  7. Great dinner dates! Love the shoes and the mickey mouse ears.

  8. I LOVE your choices. I would like an invite to this dinner, thanks!