Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Monday 06.04.12

Well hello Monday.  I'm quite cheerful today and excited for another link-up with Megan.

Dear Monday
Thank you for being speedy! Your cousins Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday really gave me a hard time last week.They were slow.  And boring.  But not you-you've been busy and quick.  So well done. Cheers.  Good on ya.

Dear Picnic and Concert in the Park
You sadly were rained out.  And after a very short about of time complaining, Aaron and I decided to make the best of a very wet situation.  So back to the apartment we went.  And I requested that we eat our picnic lunch and listen to music like we were at the concert.  So that's what we did.

{The cooler and basket, after they travelled to the park and back.}

{Waiting while I take pictures :)}

{The table-all set with sandwiches, chips & salsa, veggies, fruit, and fun plates/napkins/cups!}

{That's my angry face. Angry because of the rain of course}

{Happy because we are still having a date night-and that's my gluten free roll, not a pancake} 

Dear New Blog Name
You are really spunky and I'm in love.  Loving working with Aubrey to give this bad boy a facelift.  With the facelift, comes the big reveal of the new name! 

Dear Apartment
You're so great.  I sometimes just stand around and sigh with how sweet and teensy you are.  We will have to show the blog folks your beauty soon.  Photoshoot!

Dear Color Run in a Month
I'm sorry I haven't been training. I know I will regret it.  Please be nice.  Or send someone to help me get my booty in gear.

Dear Aaron
Thank you for the best weekend.  It was so gosh darn rainy but you are such an adventurer that you refused to put a damper on our plans. Sad that we are up-to-date on our favorite show but glad that we both love it.  Glad we have started a new show (Hatfields & McCoys) but sheesh, it's a little gorey for this weakling.  I hope you have such a good week in Pittsburgh.  Looking forward to celebrating our one year in style this weekend, only a few weeks late. Love you.


  1. my sister in law did the Austin Color run! it looked like such a fun time! good luck with the training, but if all else fails, it will be fun to walk it! :)

  2. If you lived where I lived, you would probably have that face A LOT. :) I know that it's wierd, but I really love the rain.